Vessel Vanguard has a challenge making a very complicated service offering understandable and then indispensable. All while increasing awareness for a new category of product that people don’t even know they need: an online/mobile boat maintenance management solution. The Vessel Vanguard Puzzle Ad, one example from the dichotomy campaign, makes it clear that Vessel Vanguard answers questions, increases clarity and ensures your boat is in good shape and ready to go whenever you are. The first part of the dichotomy, “Puzzling,” presents a problem that a customer might not know they have. This is contrasted with a benefit, “picture perfect,” that they can expect to enjoy. Other dichotomies in the campaign include “From in your head…to in your hand” promoting it is a mobile solution, and “From buyer…to lifelong customer” promoting it to boat dealers as consumer benefit they can offer their customers.