The Michigan Boating Industry Association believes a beautiful state deserves a beautiful magazine. ON THE LAKE is a world-class magazine that celebrates the very best of Michigan in a truly immersive experience—without advertisements. It is a primary benefit of joining the Boaters Association of Michigan, a consumer arm of the MBIA. With each issue and on the companion website and in the quarterly newsletters, ON THE LAKE captures the on-water lifestyle in the state, increasing BAM members’ connection to boating there. From the awe-inspiring dunes and expertly crafted boats to the award-winning wineries and mouthwatering fudge, this state’s wonders are meant to be enjoyed and shared.

The Boaters’ Association of Michigan unites all boating enthusiasts with a common desire to support the Michigan boating way of life and ensure the health and accessibility of its lakes, rivers and shores. Together, BAM, MBIA and ON THE LAKE serve as the collective voice of recreational boating in Michigan and the marine businesses that call it home.